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Quadrant users have access to a Web based self-serve component called Quadrant Self Service that provides web access to an integrated set of HR modules. Quadrant Self Service allows employees to quickly submit leave requests, select shifts on their schedule, review their payroll information, or check on their benefit banks. Managers can review leave requests submitted by the employees that they manage, and then approve, edit, or deny a request. Notifications are automatically sent to affected staff when a leave request is submitted and acted upon by a manager. Potential employees can view job postings and create a profile that can be used to determine their suitability for career opportunities in your organization. Quadrant Self Service communicates with Quadrant and as data is entered or changed in either application, the other is automatically updated.

The menu items available in Quadrant Self Service depend upon the role that has been assigned to a user (Employee, Manager, Administrator, or Volunteer). The Home, My Profile, Contacts, and About Us items are common to all roles. Managers also have access to a Managers menu item that allows them to manage leave requests. The Admin menu item that is accessible only to Administrators allows them to manage Quadrant Self Service accounts. For an employee to have access to the features of Quadrant Self Service, an account must be set up for them by an Administrator.

The first section of this manual takes you through the configuration steps you'll need to complete in Quadrant to get Quadrant Self Service up and running. This includes making the selections in System Configuration that turn on Quadrant Self Service functionality, creating the Prepared Methods that are used by Leave Management, configuring Leave Types, designating Self Scheduling units and shifts, and configuring the all important UDFs that are essential to get the most out of Quadrant Self Service Recruiting functionality.

The second part of this manual shows you how to use each of the components that make up Quadrant Self Service. Employees will learn how to review their payroll and demographic information, apply for a new position, submit leave requests, and select shifts online. Managers will find explanations for how they can manage employees' leave requests, create and manage job postings, manage and hire applicants, and manage Self Scheduling.

For the initial configuration, we recommend that you start at the beginning of the configuration section and work to the end. Many of the configuration steps are vital and if you miss one, Quadrant Self Service may not work properly.