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Tax Slips

The Tax Slips page enables you to view tax slips for either a single payroll year or all payroll years. The following table lists all the ways to view tax slips.



Payroll Year

Allows you to filter slips by year with the following options available:

  • All
  • The tax years that contain published slips.

Show latest revision only

If the check box is selected the tax slips displayed will be the current revision. If its not selected, all revisions will be displayed.

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Click this link to open the selected PDF file.

Download link

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You can specify the way you want to receive your tax slips from your company. If you want to receive them electronically, either through Quadrant Self Service or by email attachment, you must provide your employer with your consent. This is important to comply with legal requirements based on privacy laws. After you submit your consent it will remain valid until you withdraw your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time, either by using the form in Quadrant Self Service, or by contacting your Payroll Department.

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To set tax slip consent and preference

Electronic Tax Slips Templates

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To set tax slip consent and preference
  1. Log in to Quadrant Self Service.
  2. Open the Personal menu, and then select Tax Slips.
  3. Click the Electronic Tax Slip Consent and Preferences button.

  4. Make your selection.

    If you want to receive electronic tax slips select this option, and then choose a Preference.

    If you don't want to receive electronic tax slips select this option.

  5. Click Save.